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Office Hours: Mon-Fri 10.00a.m.-1.30p.m.





Burnley Borough Council                      01282 425011   (Main Switchboard)


Streetscene                                              Select Option 5


Note: There are individual officers for the various aspects relating to refuse collection, litter bins etc. but all calls need to be monitored and logged through the Contact Centre


Anti Social Behaviour                            01282 477125 or Home Office

                                                                Hotline 0845 605 2222


Planning – Enforcement                         Select Option 2  - Karen Morville

                                                                                             Ext. 2525


                  Padiham Applications           Select Option 2 then Ext. 2524/6


Council Tax                                            Ext. 2278


Crime Prevention and Strategy               Ext. 2129


Parks Services                                        01282 664612 (Andy Buck)


                                                               01282 664614 (Simon Goff)


Highways Matters including Street Lighting – Lancashire County Council

All calls are logged and monitored and you will receive a Reference Number for follow-up purposes -  0845- 053- 0011


Pest Control – Burnley Borough Council no longer provides an in house service.   I am providing contact information for a Padiham based Company but if you supply this information to anyone please ensure that they are aware that the Town Council takes no responsibility for workmanship and provides no guarantee.  01282 720994       Mobile  0770 452 4953


Calico Housing                                           0800 1692407


                                    Property Shop         01282 686500


Padiham Police Station Sgt. Hutchinson     01282 472303


POLICE  - Non emergency                    01282 425001


Youth Centre                                              01282 772889



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